At the Art League School in Alexandria, V.A., I teach Gesture Drawing in Ink, Faces in Watercolor and Gestural Florals in Watercolor.

Statement of Purpose: 

I enjoy working directly from life (the live model, flowers, still-life, beach scene, coffee shop etc.) rather than from photographs.  I seek the gesture and action of movement with fluid line and washes of ink or color mixed directly on the paper.  My goal is to stay clean and transparent with few over-washes.  Frequently I work at an easel and my ink or paint drips.  Often I sit below my subject, which elevates and dramatizes the figure.

Professional Memberships:

The Art League, Alexandria, V.A.

Potomac Valley Watercolorists

Virginia Watercolor Society


B.A., Catholic University of America

M.F.A., University of Arkansas

The Art Students League, New York, N.Y.

The Art League School, Alexandria, V.A.

Contact Info

Jacqueline Saunders

Home- 703.323.5263

Cell- 703.403.1793


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